New Lineage 2 private servers

Please, read our FAQ before creating a ticket and/or ask for the community help in our discord, in many cases you’ll get faster feedback.

I am getting a SmartGuard error. How can i fix it?
Check out this page for common errors and fixes
I'm getting the following error: Error Code: 0301 CDEF000 Windows 10 "core Isolation" feature is not supported"
I'm getting the following error: Error Code: 0401 00000005 (Access is denied)
Restart your computer
Why am I banned from the game?
Most likely you broke any of our strict server rules, including but not limited to trying to use bot software like Adrenaline/Tower/Clickers..., doing RMT (Real Money Trades), dualboxing, etc.
If you think this is a mistake raise a support ticket to enquiry about your ban reason.
I'm banned from Discord, can you unban me please?
Create a support ticket providing your discord username and we will re-evaluate your case.
I can't login, I get an error "You have been disconnected from the server" at the server selection
Try the following:
- Close the client and reopen it
- Do not copy the username, manually type it
- Ask a friend to log in with your account and create an empty character, try to login again.
- If problem persist contact us by Discord/ Raise a support ticket.
Why my ticket status is Invalid ?
Your question was already answered in previous tickets or you didn't provide the information needed and the agent was unable to process your enquiry. Please, try to open a new ticket and carefully describe your problem so we can assist you.
My character is stuck, help me please.
Go to, find your account name, click in Overview, and then click on the Home icon next to the character stuck. If problem persists after five minutes, raise a support ticket.
How do I get the Free VIP?
Go to, select the server where you are playing and click on the Free 12 Rune Exp
How do I appear in the website as streamer?
Just put "REBORN" or "L2REBORN" in your stream title and you'll automatically appear in our page. Please, note it may take up to 20 minutes for new streamers to appear.
How do I get streamer title in game and in discord?
Join our discord and ask for it to any moderator/staff member
I accidentally deleted an item can you help me to restore it?
Unfortunately we cannot help in such cases
When will Signature server will be open?
The estimated opening date is November 2024.
I have a question about a game mechanics, ie. what is the land rate of "x" skill?
Join our discord and ask to the community, our support service cannot provide such kind of information.
The Game Updater isn't loading properly
Make sure you are using the latest version of your graphics card driver. If you are using an Intel integrated card, try to install this
I have a different issue not listed above
If your problem requires personalised attention, please create a support ticket.