New Lineage 2 private servers
Server Rules
Applicable on all L2Reborn servers.

1. Bot
The use of automation tools is prohibited. You can only use macros in-game to the extent allowed by the Macro function.

2. Dualbox
Dualboxing is not allowed. A player can only play with one character at a time per server. While playing simultaneously on different servers is not prohibited, players are required to be present and active in all of them (failure to complete captchas due to being occasionally in Eternal or Essence, for example, is not an excuse).

3. Real Money Trading
Real Money Trading is prohibited. In-game goods, characters, or accounts cannot be exchanged for real-world currency.

4. Exploit
Users are obligated to report any bugs they encounter during their gaming experience for correction by the Staff. Deliberate and/or repeated use of a bug for the user’s or third parties benefit will result in penalties.

5. Scam
Scamming another player is not allowed. This encompasses various concepts, such as scamshops (maliciously selling something with a misleading title with the intent to defraud with a fake item or quantity) or accessing someone else’s account to take items that legitimately belong to the account owner. In extreme cases where the damage to the scammed player is severe (S-grade equipment, epic jewelry, etc.), the staff reserves the option to provide compensation.

6. Shop
Reference to point 5 regarding shops. Additionally, only one shop is allowed per person at the same time (you can have one offline shop and, with your client active, have another one online).

7. *Playing in multiple servers is allowed*
A player is allowed to play on various of our servers simultaneously, BUT it does not exempt them from the responsibility of complying with the rules mentioned here and of each server individually, for example: you can play on Origins and on Essence, but if you fail captchas on Origins while paying attention to Essence, it is considered illegitimate, so we ask to use time management responsibly (having a character on Origins organizing your items or setting up shop and trading, while farming on another server, makes more sense and is safer for everyone).

Only in Essence

1. Farming offline
Players can leave their character in offline farming mode via the in-game system. However, until this state finishes or is interrupted, you cannot open a new client and play with another character if it falls under a similar condition as described in point 2.

2. Mouse macro
Despite point 1 still being in effect, the use of mouse macro software is allowed.

3. “Griefing” is not allowed

Please, check this announcement for information about essence rules