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Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest
Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest

Description: N/A.

 Level 64
 Start Location Rune Castle Town
 Start Npc Grand Magister Tifaren
 Races All
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward Access to Quest Lidia’s Heart

Quest Guide

Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest

This is the second part of 5 quests in a long quest chain:

Part 1 – Hidden Truth
Part 2 – Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest
Part 3 – Lidia’s Heart
Part 4 – Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
Part 5 – Hiding Behind the Truth

This is the second quest in a long chain started with Hidden Truth that gives the back story of the Forest of the Dead. The reward varies depending on the path you choose, but either path results in some lower B grade jewelry, experience and a rich story. There are many times in the quest you have multiple choices, this guide illustrates my choices.

1. Start by talking to Grand Magister Tifaren (note – You cannot do this quest until you have completed Hidden Truth).

2. You talk to Grand Magister Tifaren and ask for the necromantic rite of communion.

3. She wants to know who sent you.

When you tell her she sends you away.

4. Don’t take no for an answer.

5. She finally agrees to help you but requires a skull you must get from zombies in the Forest of the Dead.

6. Return to the forest of the Dead. The forest is full of agro, magic using mobs. There are different mobs during the day and night.

7. Kill the various zombies (the types are listed in the quest text) until you get a skull. The mobs in this area are social, so be careful because it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Once you have the skull return to Grand Magister Tifaren.

8. Grand Magister Tifaren summons a ghost with the help of the skull.

9. She tells you to hurry because the ghost’s form is unstable.

10. Talk to the ghost.

11. He is difficult to get to talk but once he does he tells you a story of betrayal.

12. He eventually sends you back to the Priest Innocentin.

13. Return to Innocentin.

14. You learn that Lidia, Alfred’s daughter is Lord of the Forest of the Dead.

But there are still further mysteries.

15. Innocentin tells you a story of how Alfred was lured into treason by the Mysterious Wizard.

16. Innocentin had hired a Treasure Hunter to try to find out what was going on, but the man was caught and executed for treason. The information he’d gathered was thrown into a well.

17. He asks you to go meet with the ghost who haunts the well and find out what happened.

18. Go to the well.

and meet the ghost

19. He will be a bit confused but eventually look at the letter you bring and agree to help you.

20. He tells you a story of betrayal.

21. There is an important book he hid in a well, but if you can’t enter the well to get the book.

22. He tells you to fight them, but you can back out if you wish.

Choose to fight.

23. You have to keep the spirit busy while he gets the report out of the well.

24. Go to the well and explore it.

25. I fought the spirit several times and found the most effective way was to bring a healer to heal while the spirit attacked. It took a fair amount of time fighting for the quest to advance (you hear the quest noise and in your inventory the jewel will change). Once it changed I killed the spirit. If you run from it, the jewel won’t change, just stand there, get healed, but don’t kill it.

26. Return to the ghost and he will tell you to get the report.

27. Get it out of the well.

28. Return to the ghost

who will break the seal on the report.

29. Return to Innocentin in Rune Castle Town.

30. Innocentin will take the box and tell you to return later.

31. You don’t have to wait long and once you continue the quest he asks you if you’d like to read the report. Choose ‘Yes!’.

32. The story unfolds of how Alfred Von Hellman was influenced by Neidrahu to betray the King and how Alfred, his family and vassals were tortured and killed for treason. But the mysterious Wizard had used vile sorcery and they rose as undead supposedly under the control of Lidia.

33. But there seems to be some lingering doubt

34. Innocentin asks you to come back later.

35. This ends this quest and when you return you are able to start “Lidia’s Heart”. The next quest in the chain.

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