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The Hidden Veins
The Hidden Veins

Elder Filaur of the Gray Column Guild asks the player to search for hidden Crysolite Veins. Defeat the Utuku Orcs and bring the Crysolite Ore they possess to receive a reward. Also, gather four pieces of the map that indicate the location of the vein, and take the pieces to Maphr Priestess Chichirin, to turn them into a complete map. Take this to Elder Filaur to receive a great reward.

 Level 6
 Start Location Dwarven Village
 Start Npc Gray Pillar’s Filaur
 Races Dwarf
 Classes All
 Repeatable Yes (Solo)
 Reward 5a each, 2000a bonus, 500a per map fragment(N:6000 ApSS)

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Elder Filaur in the elder hall in the southeast of the Dwarven Village.
2. Hunt Utuku Orcs and collect Oriharukon Ore and Torn Map Fragments.
3. Each set of 4 map fragments must be turned into a completed map by visiting Chichirin Priestess Of The Earth in the temple due west of the elder hall.
4. Talk to Elder Filaur and turn in the ore for 5a each, if you have more than 10 ore on you, you will recieve a 2000a bonus. Complete maps can be turned in for 500a each. Newbie characters will recieve 6000 Novice Soul Shots the first time.

You can continue to do this quest indefinitely and return with any number of ore and maps at any time.

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