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Sword of Solidarity
Sword of Solidarity

Grandmaster Roien of Cedric’s Training Hall is interested in restoring the Sword of Solidarity, which is the symbol of friendship between the Elves and Humans. He asks you to meet Allman, the Town’s Blacksmith, in order to reshape the sword.

 Level 9
 Start Location Talking Island Village
 Start Npc Grand Master Roien
 Races Human
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward Sword of Solidarity

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Grandmaster Roien at the human fighter starting area, southeast of Talking Island Village. He will give you Roien’s Letter.
2. Take the letter to Blacksmith Alltran, near the center of Talking Island Village. He will give you directions to the ruins.
3. Enter the Elven Ruins (talking island dungeon) and hunt Lunnunt Orc Snipers (lvl 10 passive) and Lunnunt Orc Warriors (lvl 12 aggresive) until you get both the Broken Blade Top and the Broken Blade Bottom. The ruins are northwest of the village, due west of the tower, and you get in (and out) by talking to the gatekeeper. Both types of orcs are dungeon mobs so are extra strong, bring a friend or wait until you are higher level for this quest.
4. Give the pieces to Blacksmith Alltran, who will give you Alltran’s Note.
5. Give the note to Grandmaster Roien. He will give you the Broken Sword Handle.
6. Give the handle to Blacksmith Alltran.
In addition to Sword of Solidarity you get various echo crystals and 100 lesser healing potions.
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