I can’t login, it takes forever to connect to the server

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Unfortunately -or otherwise-, our server is growing so fast that we have farmed many enemies on the way:
From one side we have no mercy for boters/dualboxes, cheaters and in general anyone that breaks the rules. Many of them don’t accept the consequences of their actions.
From another side, and it seems that our server has been taken as a threat by “the competence”, and they don’t like what we are achieving, and the fact that we betting for a traditional, longterm, and stable project, breaking with the “wipe and rebrand every 3-6 months” trend.

Due above reasons and posibly many others, our server is suffering constant DDOS attacks that unfortunately sometimes impact in your user experience.

This is an inconvenient but necessary step to take our server to the next level, and regardless of how frustrating it may be for the players with problems to log in, it is actually helping us to prepare for what’s coming next, as it can only get worse over time, so we need to ready ahead of time.

We have recently moved to a new hosting with proper DDOS protection and we are actively working on improving our security layer, this is always the top priority, to provide you the best user experience that we can. However, this has to be done properly and takes some time to set it up properly.
While we tune it properly we advise you to have some patience and retry in a few minutes when you can’t log in.

Last but not least, find below some tips if you are struggling to log in:
– Make sure you are using the latest version of the launcher, do a full check
– When the launcher opens the game, enter your login credentials and click “Login” just once!
– Once you see the Terms and conditions popup, click Agree just once!
– On the server selection pick one and press enter just once.

Following above steps instead of spam clicking many times, will help you to login much faster.

If you are still having problems, get int touch on Discord and we’ll assist you.

We apologise for the inconveniences caused.

Thanks for your patience.