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Spirit of Craftsman
Spirit of Craftsman

The Dark Elven Blacksmith, Karrod, wishes to call upon the spirit of Warsmith Roberto Steelbender in order to learn the skills of refining Oriharukon Ore. He asks for aid, and has you visit Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon of the Temple of Shilen.

 Level 11
 Start Location Dark Elven Village
 Start Npc Blacksmith Karrod
 Races Dark Elf
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward Bloodsaber

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Blacksmith Karoyd in the Dark Elven Village’s weapon shop. He will give you Karoyd’s Letter.
2. Give the letter to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon, who you will find in the temple east of town (where you started out as a Dark Elf). He will give you Cecktinon’s Voucher1.
3. Give the voucher to Magister Harne in the temple of the Dark Elven Village where you train. She will give you Cecktinon’s Voucher2.
4. Goto the School of Dark Arts (the Dark Elf dungeon) and collect 10 Bone Fragments from Skeleton Hunters (lvl 12 aggressive) and Skeleton Hunter Archers (lvl 13 passive).
5. Give the bone fragments to Magister Harne and he will give you a Soul Catcher.
6. Give the soul catcher to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon back in the eastern Temple. He will give you Preserve Oil.
7. Goto the marsh area southwest of the village and hunt Marsh Zombies until you get a Zombie Head, zombies have a very strong lifedrain, so be careful. Avoid the horrors (lvl 15+).
8. Give the head to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon and he will give you a Steelbender Head.
9. Give the steelbender to Blacksmith Karoyd back in the weapon shop.
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