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Skirmish with the Orcs
Skirmish with the Orcs

Recently, Orcs of the Misty Mountains have made several attacks on the Elven Forest. Sentinel Kendell of the Elven Village asks you to drive out the Orcs and become the Guardian of the Forest.

 Level 10
 Start Location Elven Village
 Start Npc Sentinel Kendell
 Races Elf
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward Red Sunset Sword or Staff

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Sentinel Kendell at the southeastern exit of the Elven Village. He will assign you an orc chief to kill.
2. Find and kill the assigned chief and retrieve the Kaboo Chief Torc1:
– #1 Kaboo Chief Uoph. Near /loc 21000,41000. Southwest exit to crossing, then north and east.
– #2 Kaboo Chief Kracha. Near /loc 34000,62000. Southwest exit and head south.
– #3 Kaboo Chief Batoh. Near /loc 29000,79000. Near the Elf dungeon.
– #4 Kaboo Chief Tanukia. Near /loc 21000,57000. Soutwest exit to crossroads, look southwest.
3. Return to Sentinel Kendell with the torc1. He will assign you another chief to kill.
4. Find and kill the assigned chief and retrieve the Kaboo Chief Torc2:
– #5 Kaboo Chief Turel. Near /loc 40000,69000. Southwest exit, head due south and cross the river.
– #6 Kaboo Chief Roko. Near /loc 33000,79000. West of the lake, east of Elven Dungeon.
– #7 Kaboo Chief Kamut. Near /loc 46000,89000. Southeast exit, all the way around the lake to south side.
– #8 Kaboo Chief Murika. Near /loc 57000,77000. Southeast exit, cross 2 bridges, 2nd ruins on left.
5. Return to Sentinel Kendell with the torc2.

The reward for fighters is a Red Sunset Sword, and for mages, its the Red Sunset Staff.

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