New Lineage 2 private servers
Interlude x1 100% retail server

The server makes you feel like playing back in 2004, much nostalgia, very populated server, 2 years online already. Also for those who like competitive playing and modern UI you can play with our new Classic Client.

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Request license – Licensed Players

Request license – Licensed Players

If you are sharing IP with your partner/friends and they also want to play in our server, you can request a special license here.

Mind you, typically, 50% of the accounts that request a license end up banned because they didn’t read/follow the rules, as licensed players get extra security checks to ensure people do not abuse this to break the rules.

Please, make sure you read our rules before you request access.

If you need more than three accounts you have to request access manually, creating a support ticket explaining why you need more than three.

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