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Interlude x1 100% retail server

The server makes you feel like playing back in 2004, much nostalgia, very populated server, 2 years online already. Also for those who like competitive playing and modern UI you can play with our new Classic Client.

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Reborn Project

Welcome to Reborn Project

Reborn project started on 31st October 2019 with one simple goal: provide a vanilla and plain long-term Interlude server, without wipes and without p2w (pay 2 win), just people playing the game we love the old and hard way.

The main features of the server are the x1 rates, no P2W donations, no free exp/item events and also no Dualbox. This allow players to enjoy every single class no matter which one it is, all classes are useful and playable. The other thing that makes Reborn so special is our ban policy: We do not have mercy with cheaters and we do not tolerate any kind of abuse, exploit or bot, as well as having a very strong policy against RMT (real-money-trade).

These features and the honest server management among with the help and love provided by our large community turns Reborn into the Valhalla for those players looking for a long-term server and an old school game experience.

We are doing this as a hobby, we all have an IRL full time job for living. That’s the reason because we can set a server without P2W donations. The server has some monthly costs (hosting, security, promotion…) which costs are covered with player donations. You can check the full list of available donations here, but none of them will provide you any kind of in-game advantage. The VIP status gives you some EXP, SP and drop bonus, but it can be obtained for free by voting for the server on the tops.

There is no plan to wipe the server anytime, we want it to last as long as possible regardless of the number of active players, we have been online already for 2 years and collected enough donations to be online for very long time. Since this information may sound a bit lazy we provide a lifespan guarantee (for us this is a very serious thing, since most of the server open and close time to time, our priority is to provide a place where you can play, stop and come back and your account and ingame stuff will be always there). Since we opened the server till now (over 2 years have passed) we never wiped the server or lost any player data.