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Step 2: Check your Inbox and follow email instructions

Step 3: Enjoy!

We recommend you to join our Discord and ask for assistance if you need any help.

  1. The server is very powerful and with a speedy connection, so if you experience lag, we recommend you to try this leatrix latency fix tool to optimize your connection to the server and enjoy a better gameplay, as well as selecting your nearest proxy on the server selection screen. You can also try this.
  2. Once the Interlude client is installed we recommend removing the default “system” folder at installation, some users who only over-wrote it had some difficulties.
  3. Open l2reborn.exe and select your favourite interface (Reborn or Interlude base). You can also tweak a few settings on the  button.
  4. If you are still struggling to connect, don’t worry, we are here to help! Get in touch on
  5. It may happen that some antivirus flag the launcher as a virus. This is a false positive due files being encrypted, and you can safely add them to the antivirus exclusions list.