Server info
Server time is: UTC +0
Reborn Origins is a low rate progressive server that will feature chronicle updates. The server will progress through well-known chronicles such as Gracia 1, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, and High Five, and will be updated regularly over time without any server wipes. If you enjoy old-school gameplay and are looking for a long-term server to play on, Reborn Origins is the perfect place for you.
Reborn Origins, legendary server

Reborn Origins has been one of the most popular low-rate servers for several years now. Its unique features, including a strict anti-cheat policy, no dual-boxing, and a no pay-to-win environment, have made it a haven for players who enjoy low-rate servers without the worry of unexpected server wipes. The server originally began on the Interlude chronicle, but later updated to Hellbound. Over the years, it will continue to receive updates to offer new content and hours of entertainment. Reborn Origins offers a gameplay experience that is very close to retail and perfectly emulates the original gameplay.

x1,5 with vote reward or vip
Adena x1
No bonuses are applied by vote or vip
Drop x1
No bonuses are applied by vote or vip
Spoil x1
No bonuses are applied by vote or vip
Quest: x1
All quests drop rates are working by retail
Manor: x1
Seeds and crops rates are not modified
Seal Stones: x1
Seven signs seal stones and dimensional fragments by retail
RB Drop x1
Epic RB Drop x1
Raid Boss Respawn Times
Common Raids
12h + 9h random
Sub class Raids
12h + 9h random
Nobless Quest
12h + 9h random
Only one appears based on Seven Signs result
12h + 9h random
Epic boss
Queen Ant
17h + 4h random
48h + 4h random
33h + 4h random
125h + 4h random
342h + 4h random
342h + 4h random
45h + 4h random
72h + 4h random
Mutated Elpy has 21h + 4h random
342h + 4h random
Special NPC
Find Maria in all towns to use its functions

Try Cosmetics: allows you to visualise cosmetic items before buying them.

Reward shop: you can exchange your reward coins here.

Services: multiple services can be performed through this npc.

Voice Commands
.setlockpw [pin code]
This will set the pin code to lock and unlock your character
.lock [pin code]
this will enable the lock system
.unlock [pin code]
disables the lock system
puts your character into offline shop mode
.visualequip off and .visualequip on
disable or enable the visibility of outfits and other visuals