New Lineage 2 private servers
December 6, 2023
Essence x1

Reborn Essence Dion x3 Description

On December 15th at 18:00 UTC (OBT starts on Friday 8th December at 18:00 UTC), Reborn Essence Dion x3 server will open its doors. The server is designed as an accelerated version of the Reborn Essence Aden x1, our main Essence server, ideal for those who want to jump into Reborn Essence and catch up with the current stage (levels, gears and overall progress).

Reborn Essence Aden x1 has an user base which consists in around 2,000 unique daily users, and was open in March 2023 (10 months ago), an everlasting server without wipes and P2W, that is getting update chronicle by chronicle every 6-7 months, providing new content and progression to its players.

Reborn Essence Dion x3 will be merged into Aden x1 on March 13th 2024, once their players are already leveled and geared enough to meet players of the main server and fight with or against them. You can find the full roadmap of the server, which includes all the weekly updates, store updates, events… that will occur during the next 3 months

– EXP rate: x3 up to level 91
– Drop, adena: x1
– Offline autohunt: 8h/day

Dion server will count with a set of starter kits that will provide players all the necessary items to be close to current average Aden server gears and enchant levels. Additionally certain events or weekly store updates may be boosted to guarantee that players will be able to fully catch before the server merge occurs in March. Monthly analytics showing server items enchant level and other indicators will be shared in discord to allow players to visualize the parity between servers.

Aden Analytics from December

In the following picture you can see how Aden players are geared at the moment:

What is Reborn Essence about?

Reborn Essence offers a totally different experience in comparision with any other Essence based servers, it is the only one designed with a no P2W concept and a long term vision, which allows players to enjoy it for years without wipes and with chronicle updates.

Multiple original game features has been modified in order to adapt the server to our concept, there are changes on items, hunting grounds, instances and overall in the way that players can gear up and progress… No matter if you play solo or in a group, and even if you have few time to play active you will be able to play without getting behind, the server gets updates over the weeks which allows players to constantly catch up.

Regardless of being a server designed for a paced gameplay and focused on the solo playing and small PVE groups, it counts with certain features specially designed for those who like to play more time, in organised groups and have daily PVP in small or large scale. Our Raid Boss System and PVP Hunting grounds offers a competitive layer for all this players.

Strict policy against cheating, multibox and RMT

The server is designed to keep the impact of possible multibox or black market to the minimum, most of the items are sealed (bound to the character), the way mission systems, drops, raid rewards and many other features are designed doesn’t allow players to take advantage of such activities.

Additionally the staff punishes severely those players that ignore the rules and try to outsmart the system.

There are several ways to acquire items and progress in Reborn Essence

– Buying items from the L-Coin Store, you can earn L coins by completing daily and weekly missions
– Buying Weekly offers that are added to the L Coin Store every Wednesday
– Hunting monsters in certain hunting grounds and instance zones (and completing its related missions), as it is the case of Frost Lord weapons, Protection Armors, Hellbound Talisman, Dye Powders, Soul Crystals and other items.
– Hunting Raid Bosses with your clan and alliance, which is part of our PVP content
– Participating in events solo or with friends

The server offers multiple ways to progress and allows the player to decide how to manage and invest his resources. In Reborn Essence is common to have monthly roadmaps which include updates that brings new features and catch up mechanics that allows players to stay up and dont fall behind with their progress, so even if you play solo and don’t have much time you will be able to stay up with the average player level and gears and being able to participate and enjoy all game content.

Players who like PVP and competitive gameplay can get an slight advantage by fighting for Raid Bosses, Castle Sieges and PVP Hunting Grounds (Solo or in Group). Also those who enjoy PVE and belong to PVE clans can participate in PVE/Clan raid instances to have additional progress.

Weekly boxes and offers

Every wednesday we add new items and offers to the L Coin store, usually in form of a “box” that includes several items, this way players can speed up their progress and continue improving. Additionally players can purchase items in the Equipment section of the store with a weekly limit.

Special Craft

Multiple changes has been done in Special Craft:

– Skill books can be crafted with 100% chance at a higher cost
– Frost Lord Weapons and Protection Armors can be crafted with items that you can acquire in Antharas Lair and Frost Lord Castle (drop from monsters and mission rewards)
– There are “safe enchant” options for almost every item in the special craft, which allow the players to exchange certain amount of +0 items for their enchanted versions (+6, +7..). There are also safe enchant options for Venir’s Talisman and Soul Crystals.

In order to adapt our server for a no P2W experience, we have made multiple changes in hunting grounds to provide players a way to acquire items and progress by actually playing the game.

Antharas lair

The zone has been reworked, more monsters has been added and now they drop Protection Armor Crystals that can be used in Special Craft. Behemoth and Ultimate Behemoth raids drop Earth Core that can be used to craft Protection Armor with 100% chance. The mission for hunting in this zone rewards Protection Armor Crystals as well.

Protection Armor Crystals drops with a 100 daily limit.

Frost Lord Castle

The mission in this zone rewards Frost Lord Weapon Crystals that can be used in Special Craft.

Frost Lord Weapon Crystals drops with a 100 daily limit.

Hellbound Island

There is a new mission added that rewards the player with Hellbound Energy by hunting monsters on this zone. Hellbound Talisman Fragments are sealed items now.

Hellbound Energy drops with a 100 daily limit.

Memory Hunting Zones

This hunting grounds has been reworked (monster stats, experience, drops..) to be a place to farm collection items.

Xilenos Fortress and Morgos Military base

These hunting zones are now PVP areas with different levels and rewards and specific zones designed for solo hunting or groups. A perfect place for those who like to play in organised groups or solo and like to PVP and fight for their spots.

Reborn Essence counts with the original Essence war system which decreases player reputation when killing a war tag (killing wars gives karma). This feature allows players to enjoy all the positive aspects of having a war (fighting for the pvp content such as Raids or PVP hunting grounds) but prevents that AFK hunting that usually ends up with players leaving clans or turning off wars during their AFK hunting time.

Clans can have a maximum of 40 members and alliances can have up to 3 clans.

Boss Expedition Marks

Raid bosses in Essence give very low rewards by default, so we have decided to add a new system that rewards all players who participate in the command channel who kill a raid boss. Up to 100 players in that command channel will get Boss Expedition Marks for defeating Raid Bosses, the amount of Marks given depends on the type and level of Raid boss going from 1 up to 5 marks.

You can exchange Boss Expedition marks for valuable rewards by right clicking on them (enchants, armors, epics, dolls, skill books…)

Flag zone

Command Channel, Epics, Chaotics and World Bosses have a 2,000 range flag zone around them flagging players who get inside the range. This feature was introduced to avoid griefing and motivate players to PVP for this content.