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Lidia’s Heart
Lidia’s Heart

Description: N/A.

 Level 64
 Start Location Rune Castle Town
 Start Npc High Priest Innocentin
 Races All
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward 100,000a & Quest: Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead

Quest Guide

Lidia’s Heart

This is the third part of 5 quests in a long quest chain:

Part 1 – Hidden Truth
Part 2 – Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest
Part 3 – Lidia’s Heart
Part 4 – Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
Part 5 – Hiding Behind the Truth

This is the third quest in a long chain started with Hidden Truth that gives the back story of the Forest of the Dead. The reward varies depending on the path you choose, but either path results in some lower B grade jewelry, experience and a rich story. There are many times in the quest you have multiple choices, this guide illustrates my choices.

1. Start by talking to High Priest Innocentin in Rune Castle Town (note – You cannot do this quest until you have completed Hidden Truth and lidiasheart in Von Hellman Forest).

He appreciates your help in the past and would like your help again.

2. He gives you a map and key. (You will need these later in the quest chain. They are in your main inventory, so do not lose them.)

3. The key has a Silver Spear engraved on it.

4. At your questioning he tells you more about the Silver Spear.

5. Head to the Forest of the Dead to the area indicated on the map. There you will find a broken bookshelf with a chest.

6. The chest is closed with a padlock. Use the key on the padlock.

7. Inside you will find a book and a hairpin.

8. Examine the Hairpin and take it.

9. Check the bookshelf for other things.

10. You find a book tied with a string.

11. Cut the string.

12. The book is Lidia’s diary.

13. Take the diary.

14. You check the bookshelf further and find it now empty.

15. Return to Innocentin and tell him what you have found.

16. He cannot bear the evil emanating from them.

17. He asks if you have read it. Answer yes.

18. He asks what it is. Reply that it is Lidia’s Diary.

19. He wants to know if it covers the period after she became Lord of the Forest.

Answer yes.

20. Read the Diary if you have not already.

21. A story unfolds of how her father became ensnared by the Wizard Nidrah to commit treason against the King.

22. Lidia discovers Nidrah’s betrayal and confronts him after her family’s deaths.

23. She is pulled deeper into everything by a ceremony performed by Nidrah.

24. It’s not exactly clear what happens next and the handwriting in the Diary changes.

25. Innocentin wants to know what you’ve learned from the Diary. Tell him Lidia signed some sort of a contract.

26. He accuses Nidra. Tell him Lidia approached him.

27. When he asks about the hairpin tell him that it’s the Lord of the Forrest of the dead.

28. He concludes that it’s Lidia’s.

29. Return to the ghost in the forest.

30. Tell the ghost about what happened.

31. Dig under the tombstone for the key.

32. Go to the spot indicated on the map to find the Page, her name is Violet and she is in the Cursed Village.

Very important point, do NOT go back to the Village to interact with Violet after midnight game time. She and all the other Villages will be Vampires.

33. She sends you to find a box in the forest

34. You find an old chest that is padlocked.

35. Use the key.

Inside you will find the Silver Spear. Return to Violet in the Village.

36. Violet rewards you with 100,000 adena and tells you to talk to others in the village.

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