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Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss
Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss

Collector Gouph of the Bronze Key Guild has purchased from Trader Reep of the Silver Scales Guild a star diamond, a rare diamond that is one of only seven in existence throughout the continent. However, it has been three days since the delivery date, and he is becoming very impatient. He asks you to visit Trader Reep and bring back the star diamond.

 Level 10
 Start Location Dwarven Village
 Start Npc Collector Gouph
 Races Dwarf
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward Silversmith Hammer, 50 music crystals and 100 Lesser HP

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Collector Gouph in the northwest building of the Dwarven Village. He’ll give you Gouph’s Contract.

2. Talk to Trader Reep in the weapon shop. He’ll take the contract and give you Reep’s Contract.

3. Talk to Carrier Torroco behind the warehouse. He’ll take the contract and give you Elven Wine.

4. Talk to Miner Maron in the Dwarf start area. He’ll take the wine, and give you Brunon’s Dice.

5. Talk to Blacksmith Brunon. He will tell you to kill Goblin Brigand Lieutenants.

6. Go to the north coast and hunt Goblin Brigand Lieutenants (lvl 10 aggressive) until you collect 10 Aquamarines and 10 Chrysoberyls.

7. Return the gems and contract to Blacksmith Brunon. He will give you a Gem Box1.

8. Talk to Collector Gouph. He will take the box and give you a Coal Piece.

9. Talk to Blacksmith Brunon again, he will take the box and give you Brunon’s Letter.

10. Talk to Warehouse Keeper Murdoc in the warehouse. He’ll take the letter and give you a Berry Tart.

11. Talk to Warehouse Keeper Airy. She will take the tart and give you a Bat Diagram.

12. Hunt Blade Bats (level 10 passive) until you get the Star Diamond. You can find them on the north coast.

13. Talk to Collector Gouph and get your reward of a Silversmiths Hammer, 10 of each music crystals (celebration, feast, love, battle, solitude) and 100 lesser healing potions.Newbie players will recieve 7000 Novice Soul Shots.

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