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Invaders of the Holy Land
Invaders of the Holy Land

Atuba Chief Varkees says that a foreign race known as the rakeclaw imps have invaded the Immortal Lands, polluting the holy land of the Orcs. According to his explanation, the rakeclaw imps are a race created from magic, and are being controlled by someone through black magic. Defeat the invaders of the holy land, and collect the soulstones embedded in their hearts in order to find out who is behind them.

 Level 6
 Start Location Orc Village
 Start Npc Atuba Chief Varkees
 Races Orc
 Classes All
 Repeatable Yes (Solo)
 Reward 3a/5a

Quest Guide
1. Talk to Atuba Chief Varkees in the main building of the Orc Village, up the northern ramp.
2. Hunt Rakeclaw Imps (lvl 6 passive) and Rakeclaw Imp Hunters (lvl 7 passive) which drop Black Soulstones – and Rakeclaw Imp Chieftains (lvl 10 aggressive) which drop black and sometimes Red Soulstones.
3. Return to Atuba Chief Varkees at any time and turn in the Black Soulstones for 3a and the Red Soulstones for 5a each.You can continue to do this quest indefinitely and return with any number of stones at any time.
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