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Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead

Description: N/A.

 Level 64
 Start Location Cursed Village
 Start Npc Dorian
 Races All
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward Access to Quest Hiding Behind the Truth

Quest Guide

Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead

This is the fourth part of 5 quests in a long quest chain:

Part 1 – Hidden Truth
Part 2 – Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest
Part 3 – Lidia’s Heart
Part 4 – Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
Part 5 – Hiding Behind the Truth

This is the fourth quest in a long chain started with Hidden Truth that gives the back story of the Forest of the Dead. The reward varies depending on the path you choose, but either path results in some lower B grade jewelry, experience and a rich story. There are many times in the quest you have multiple choices, this guide illustrates my choices.

1. Start by talking to Dorian in the Cursed Village.

2. Dorian wants you to help him. Accept the quest.

3. He tells you of how he places a flower on a tombstone but cannot and asks if you will help him.

4. Go to the tombstone.

5. Interact with the Tombstone and place the flowers on the grave.

6. Return to Dorian and tell him Rose was buried in the grave.

7. He tells you a story of who Rose is and how she was spared from becoming undead.

8. He thanks you and asks you to do something else for him. He’s been waking up with unexplained injuries and he doesn’t remember a thing. He wants you to find out what is going on in the village.

9. Return to the Village after midnight game time. At the stroke of midnight the village changes from a safe place to become filled with Vampires. The various villagers become minions of Von Hellman a Raid Boss Vampire.

10. After you have seen the villagers at midnight you can return to Dorian. Tell him there is a vampire.

11. You tell Dorian the Vampire is actual him and find out this has all been a test.

12. He tells you to go talk to the ghost of the maid.

13. The Maid appears right next to a broken bookshelf out in the middle of a whole group of agro mobs. She only appears after midnight game time.

14. The Maid appears and gives you the thanks of her Lady, tells you she hopes you find out the truth of things and gives you a letter to read.

15. She asks you to return after you have read it.

16. After you read the letter, talk to the ghost again. She will ask you for the hairpin.

17. You give her the hairpin and ask for more information.

18. When she asks what you know of Neidrahu, answer he’s a mystic.

And a mystic of the Dark Arts at that.

19. When asked how you know,

Tell her you read the diary.

20. She wants you to find out what is on the missing page of the Diary.

21. In order to find out you must get a doll from the black magi. Hunt Bone Snatchers, Bone Shapers, Bone Collectors and a host of others in the Forest of the Dead to get the drop.

22. Once you have the doll return to the Mysterious Wizard and show him the doll.

23. He will tell you it’s just an amulet, but you confront him with what you know.

24. You find out the doll is a totem for the Lord of the Forest of the Dead.

25. He will tell you to return later.

26. Talk to him again and say he is gathering materials for the dark arts.

27. Let him know that you know he is part of all of this.

28. The Wizard sends you to find the ones behind the whole thing.

29. Return to Priest Benedict in Rune Castle Town.

30. This ends the quest and begins the next one, Hiding Behind the Truth.

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