New Lineage 2 private servers
Interlude x1 100% retail server

The server makes you feel like playing back in 2004, much nostalgia, very populated server, 2 years online already. Also for those who like competitive playing and modern UI you can play with our new Classic Client.

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Rules & Info

Rates 1x EXP/SP/Adena/Drop/Quest

VIP Rates 1.5x EXP/SP/Adena 1x Drop/Quest


Additional Features


– Offline shop. Requires character lv 20 with first class quest. Place the shop and click Exit Game
– FOI Works like GF chronicle (effect disappear on casting or hitting).
– .aoeoff / .aoeon, turns on and off the aoe skills animations for better performance during pvps
– .ssoff / .sson, turns on and off the shots animations for better performance during pvps
– .enablefastload / .disablefastload, turns on and off faster load of characters around you but decreases performance
– .afk / .back, system to be afk in peace zones
– .lock/.unlock, commands to limit your character trades/damaging actions when used by other players
– .check_referral, show your info about referals




Multibox is absolutely forbidden in L2reborn. We know that opening two or more clients can be productive to play alone, because you do not depend on anyone to farm/exp, but that same premise attempts against a large number of players buffers/supporters/dwarfs who are discriminated against and left to their fate.

We must again encourage the maximum to make party and team up. The best clans, parties and friends are forged that way! The first (but not the only) measure we have taken to prevent Dualbox is the limit of 1 account per IP.

You can have several accounts, but you cannot play with more than one at the same time. The only exception to this rule is the allowance of having ONE offline shop while you play with another account.

Note: Those who have more than one player in the same house, we invite you to contact us in order to get a special permission for your accounts (you can request a License to play under same IP. We warn you, however, that these licenses will have extra points to be checked randomly, we do not want anyone to abuse this system to do multibox.


  1. If a “Licensed Player” (specially if it is a buffer) is in party with another character of the same IP, the buffer is NOT ALLOWED to put “auto follow” and go away from the computer.
  2. Antibot/Captcha will be randomly shown to “Licensed players” when in party more often than common players and with a reduced maximum response time.
  3. If one of the “Licensed Players” is caught in party away from the computer while farming, BOTH accounts will be punished.
  4. The immediate punishment for “Licensed Players” caught afk is the automated temporary jail. Incident will be recorded and can lead to an direct permanent ban at our own discretion. Repeated afk behaviour will lead to permanent ban of BOTH accounts.
  5. We appreciate some might think this rules are not fair, but we remind you that dualbox is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN here. If you want to play together with family/friends under the same IP, that’s perfectly fine, the only restriction we have is that none of the players can be away while farming.
  6. A GM might randomly whisp “Licensed players” at the same time and if he doesn’t get an immediate response he might jail or ban both accounts it his own discretion.

If you agree with above rules and meet the criteria, you can request a special license here.



Needless to say that the use of any third party programs, especially hacking and bot programs that alter the normal use and enjoyment of the game will lead to permanent banning. It does not matter whether the software was being used to play l2reborn or somewhere else, if any forbidden software is detected in the computer while playing, the account will be inevitably banned.

The usage of virtual machines, remote desktop applications, multiple computers, etc. to attempt to bypass launcher, control more than one character, as well as any attempt to bypass official L2Reborn launcher is strictly forbidden and will lead to the permanent ban of all the accounts involved.

Furthermore, ANY mechanism (including macro /nexttarget combinations, programmable keyboards/mouse, shortcut macro recording software, autoclickers etc.) that allows you to farm in an automated manner (ie. killing mobs while player is away from keyboard), or any kind of interaction with the game is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban of the account. A char can’t earn experience if the user is not at keyboard and playing.

A GM might randomly teleport to any player(s) suspicious of boting/dualboxing while they are farming and if he doesn’t get an immediate response/reaction while character(s) continue killing mobs, he might jail or ban the character(s) at his own discretion.

Any unauthorised client side changes to attempt to bypass our launcher, hack game settings, etc. is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban of the account.

Special mention about the importance of not leaving your account to anyone. Do it at your own risk but you are ultimately responsible of what happens to the account. This means that if anyone logs in your account with any ilegal software the account will be banned. Needless to say that the staff will not get involved if one day you find your character naked because you trusted the wrong person.


Taking deliberate advantage of a bug instead of reporting it will be punished and can lead to permanent ban at our own discretion. This includes but it’s not limited to: bugged quests that are easier than it should, or give higher rewards than what they are supposed to, bugged skills that are more powerful than it should, killing mobs from a position where they cannot reach you, creating multiple accounts & characters with the sole purpose of doing an specific quest that would give an abnormally easy and high reward, etc. Basically, this is an x1 rates game, it’s supposed to be a hardcore experience, and things must be difficult. If you find something that seems too good to be true, it probably is. When in doubt always double check with a GM.



Deliberate SPAM in forum/discord/in-game will lead to permanent ban of in-game account.

Adena sellers are not allowed on L2Reborn. Selling/Buying anything (adena, items, characters, etc.) for real money is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban of BOTH SELLER AND BUYER accounts. Furthermore, the punishment may be applied to other players directly/indirectly involved, at GMs discretion. In other words, if you proactively help adena sellers/buyers instead of reporting them, you may as well get banned, and pretending not being aware of what’s going on will not help you.

We reserve the right to refuse admission at our own discretion. We reserve the right to request a player to change his name and/or title if considered inappropriate/offensive/reserved for GMs etc. The character will be notified and allowed to chose a new name free of charge and there will be no further actions. If player refuses to cooperate the staff may rename the character at his own criteria, as well as applying the corresponding punishment which will depend on player’s behaviour and can range from ban chat to account ban.

It is NOT allowed to buff offline shops as that’s attempting to circumvent the no dualbox rule.

It is NOT allowed to “over-buff” your opponents when the only purpose of it is to trigger the antibot/captcha on them. This action will be severely punished and can lead to the permanent ban of the account. To clarify, legit/justified over-buffing is and will always be allowed.

Of course, not knowing the law does not allow you not to obey it. It’s your responsibility to read the rules.



The respect to other players, as to the gm/admins is vital and is taken for granted. This community is here for you to play and to have fun and enjoy, whether with farming or pvp, everyone has to find their place without disrespecting anyone. There will be penalties for users who don’t respect this, serious or repeated faults may lead to temporary or permanent banning of an account. Characters with names with insults included will be deleted and is expected a minimum attitude of users in discord and forum also can not attach photos uploaded tone / pornography.

We may be blamed of having hundreds of bugs, and that’s fair, but if we pride ourselves here about something is about not being corrupt, and it hurts our hearts every time this happens, because we have put a lot of enthusiasm and effort in this project to let people try to ruin it for something like that. Therefore we take that kind of accusations very seriously. Any comment questioning staff’s or the integrity of this project, either directly or subtly, without any kind of proof, will be considered a severe fault and can lead to a permanent ban at our own discretion. You can flame other players/clans/alliances, but refrain from accusing us unfairly. We have absolutely no interest in who dominates, all we care about is fixing all the bugs and making this game experience better every day and the only thing to ask is having some respect to our work and time. If you have the slightest doubt about our honesty, we invite you to find another place to play in, nobody forces you to play here, but if you do it, you have to be respectful. We understand that sometimes people can say things they don’t really think on the heat of the moment, but this kind of accusations cause a massive damage to our reputation so will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The team is formed by a good group of friends who love this game, our purpose is to have this project the maximum time over the years we can and will build a healthy and fun community. We understand that we also have private life and will offer the most free time we have for arrangements and questions, for that the communication channels are the forum and never inside the game.



The client chosen for the project is Interlude, we believe that is the balance between content respecting the true spirit of this awesome game. From L2Reborn, we commit ourselves to never update to subsequent chronicles in which we believe this game begins to dilute, also take as a premise not to introduce “exp/item free” events of any kind, or give substantial advantages to VIPs (no enchants, no items, no donator shop) or giving anything that someone with more free time or organization could also achieve.

The rate chosen for L2Reborn is x1 (drop, adena, exp, sp, everything). We know how hard the experience can be, but we want to make a trip as it was in the past, long term and without any hurry, in which sociability marked an important milestone and how rewarding it was to get equipment and level up under those circumstances).

Much game content has been tested, but as you know the content of the DB is immense as well as its possibilities. We ask you to report the bugs you find and we promise to fix everything in our hand and a little more (we will investigate if necessary) to get a gaming experience as perfect as possible.

In such a way it is forbidden to create characters with the letters GM included in the name, these characters will be deleted because there can be no doubt who is GM and who is not.

Donations are necessary for the long-term functioning of the project but, let’s remember that this is a gamer community of and for players and donating is a collaboration, not a purchase, by which you are not entitled to more privileges or any other position than knowing that you are collaborating to give life to this project.



Private conversations via discord and other means may not be exposed in public media at the discretion of the staff member.



Last, but not least, the L2reborn team believe that modern classic chronicles are far from returning to what was the game originally due all the amount of events, rates, pay to win, etc., thats why our aim is to provide the real experience of the game.

Greetings, and we will keep you informed, enjoy!

UPDATED AT: 19/06/2021