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Hunt the Orcs
Hunt the Orcs

The Kaboo Orcs hiding in the Misty Mountains have begun to attack the Elven Forest. As per the Hierarch’s orders, Sentinel Rayen is recruiting Warriors to battle against the Orcs. The Hierarach’s reward will be granted to those who destroy the Kaboo Orcs and bring a token of proof.

 Level 6
 Start Location Elven Village
 Start Npc Sentinel Rayen
 Races All
 Classes All
 Repeatable Yes (Solo)
 Reward 5a/15a

Quest Guide
1. Speak with Sentinel Rayjien at the southwestern village exit. He will ask to to kill Kaboo Orcs and collect Orc Amulets and Orc’s Necklaces.
2. Hunt Kaboo Orcs (lvl 6 passive), Kaboo Orc Grunts (lvl 7 passive), and Kaboo Orc Archers (lvl 8 passive) that drop Orc Amulets, and Kaboo Orc Fighters (lvl 10 aggro), Kaboo Orc Fighter Sub Leaders (lvl 11 passive) and Kaboo Orc Fighter Leaders (lvl 12 passive) that drop Orc’s Necklaces.
3. Return to Sentinel Rayjien at any time and turn in the amulets for 5a and the necklaces for 15a.

You can continue to do this quest indefinitely and return with any number of amulets or necklaces at any time.

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