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Hiding Behind the Truth
Hiding Behind the Truth

Description: N/A.

 Level 64
 Start Location Rune Castle Town
 Start Npc Priest Benedict
 Races All
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward 1 B-grade Necklace/Earring or 1 B-grade Earring/2 Rings

Quest Guide

Hiding Behind the Truth

This is the final part of 5 quests in a long quest chain:

Part 1 – Hidden Truth
Part 2 – Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest
Part 3 – Lidia’s Heart
Part 4 – Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
Part 5 – Hiding Behind the Truth

This is the last quest in a long chain that gives the back story of the Forest of the Dead. The reward varies depending on the path you choose, but either path results in some lower B grade jewelry, experience and a rich story. There are many times in the quest you have multiple choices, this guide illustrates my choices.

1. This is a continuation of the quest Hidden Truth of the Forest of the Dead and starts when you talk to Priest Benedict in Rune Castle Town. You cannot start this quest until you have completed the other four in the chain.

2. Show him the totem doll and he will want you to give it to him. Refuse.

3. Ask him the true nature of the doll.

4. He sends you to High Priest Agripel (Right next to him Benedict.)

5. High Priest Agripel wants the doll and in exchange he will tell you everything.

6. He tells you that the doll is a blessing to them but a curse sometimes to others and though he won’t tell you the name of his god he tells you it’s not the one he pretends to worship.

7. He gives you a key and tells you to return to the Dark Magus.

8. Return to the Mysterious Wizard.

9. Use the Map you were given earlier to find the chest that the key fits.

The circled area is the correct bookshelf.

10. At the correct bookshelf you will find a light and a small gem box.

11. Opening this will spawn a mob Trioli’s Pawn, which you must kill.

12. His death will earn you another totem doll.

13. Use the key on the box.

14. Inside you will find a contract.

15. Return to Lidia’s Maid.

Remember, she only appears at midnight.

16. She asks to read the paper.

17. You find out it’s a contract between a Devil, Hardin (Nidrah backwards) and Lord of the Forest of the Dead.

18. You begin to find out the truth.

19. You go to search for Rose in the Tomb and dig up her coffin.

20. The coffin is empty except for one piece of red cloth.

21. You return to the Maid of Lidia. (Again, she is only there after Midnight game time.)

She asks you to leave her for a bit.

22. She will ask you to wait several times. Click until you no longer need to wait.

23. Ask her about the dress.

24. You find out that Rose wore the dress to save Lidia’s life.

Lidia believes that Rose was in the grave.

25. You find out about Lidia’s contract.

26. You also find out how the Lord of the Dead was created and how Lidia was decieved.

27. You find out the Maid is really Lidia. She tells you to return to Hardin.

28. Go back to the Mysterious Wizard and listen to his story.

29. Return to High Priest Agripel and listen to more twists in the tale.

30. The High Priest gives you a choice of who to see for your reward.

31. I chose to return to Lidia.

32. She rewarded me with one Earring of Blessing and two Rings of Blessing

I was told that if you choose the other path you get one Earring of Blessing and one Necklace of Blessing, but I was not able to personally confirm it.

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