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Hidden Truth
Hidden Truth

Description: N/A.

 Level 64
 Start Location Forest of the Dead
 Start Npc Mysterious Wizard
 Races All
 Classes All
 Repeatable No (Solo)
 Reward Access to Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest Quest

Quest Guide

Hidden Truth

This is the first part of 5 quests in a long quest chain:

Part 1 – Hidden Truth
Part 2 – Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest
Part 3 – Lidia’s Heart
Part 4 – Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
Part 5 – Hiding Behind the Truth

This is the first quest in a long chain that gives the back story of the Forest of the Dead. The reward varies depending on the path you choose, but either path results in some lower B grade jewelry, experience and a rich story. There are many times in the quest you have multiple choices, this guide illustrates my choices.

1. Start by talking to The Mysterious Wizard in the Forest of the Dead.

2. He will ask you to handle a ghost that is hanging around and bothering him. If you ask him why, he will tell you that he doesn’t like the dead.

If you are up to it you should look for the ghost at the tombstone.

The tombstone is right near the Wizard.

3. At the tombstone you will find the words to conjure a ghost.

4. The ghost talks to you and eventually you find out he cannot rest because he wants to know what happened to his family.

5. Once you agree to help him he tells you to follow his servant to find an old book.

You must be quick and the servant will lead you through agro mobs, so you should be prepared.

6. Inside a broken down house you find a broken down bookcase.

7. You see a padlocked drawer

and the book that the ghost mentioned.

8. The book is covered in red stains but when you open it you find jumbled bits of text.

9. You put the book back on the shelf and as you do you find a crucifix that has fallen to the ground.

10. You pick it up and hear a whisper in your ear to take it to Rune to Priest Innocentin.

11. You don’t find Innocentin in the temple but the other Priests give you clues to his whereabouts.

12. He can be found in the Mystic’s guild.

13. The crucifix prompts him to tell you of his dreams and eventually send you to Grand Magister Tifaren.

14. This ends the quest Hidden Truth and starts the quest Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest.

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