Zaken’s Curse

Zaken’s Curse

The Dread Pirate Zaken has unleashed a frightful curse upon all those who stole from him, and his young granddaughter, Bonny, is trying to set things right.
During 11th February up until 16th February Midnight, players will be able to participate in an all-new event called Zaken’s Curse!
Lift the curse from the unfortunate thieves-turned-swine, and gather Zaken’s pilfered booty for rewards.
The top Golden Apiga collectors will be rewarded!

Event info

This Event Runs every 6 hours. It will be announced globally 10 minutes and 5 minutes before each round.

Go to the closest village once you see the announcement and speak to Bonny to get your Redemption Bow.

Head to the centre of the village and get ready for when the round starts.

Mobs will spawn on waves each 60 seconds, you have to use Heart Shot and Double Heart shot to kill as many pigs as you can, using the special skills provided by the bow.

Collect as much Apiga Coins as possible until the round finishes (it lasts 5 minutes).

When you shoot a pig with Double Heart Shot, it has a chance of spawn another pig, or spawn an evolved pig.

There’s a low chance of them evolving to a Super Pig or a Huge Pig, which, once killed, will give you a higher Apiga reward.

Once round finishes, the winner will be announced.

Regardless of whether you win, you have to speak to Bonny to get your reward before the next rounds starts, or you will lose it.

Good luck!



2/14/2020 update : for 2 days you have 100% Chance of winning one item from below list

Pirate Hat
Romantic chapeau
Red Party Mask

4 random buff scrolls from below list

The rest of the participants can still get some prizes, for each 5 apiga coins you collect, you will get a random scroll (maximum 3 per round)

L2Day – Scroll of Greater Acumen
L2Day – Scroll of Haste
L2Day – Scroll of Agility
L2Day – Scroll of Mystic Empower
L2Day – Scroll of Might
L2Day – Scroll of Windwalk
L2Day – Scroll of Shield
L2Day – Scroll of Guidance
L2Day – Scroll of Death Whisper
L2Day – Scroll of Focus

If you didn’t manage to collet the minimum of 5 apiga coins you will get a consolation prize also.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Week!

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