Server info
Server time is: UTC +0
The server will initially begin on the Crusader chronicle, and as new chronicles are released, such as the upcoming Assassin update, they will be incorporated into the server. To ensure that players can continue to enjoy the game without the need to start from scratch repeatedly, the server will be updated every 6-8 months. This means that new content will be added, but there will be no wipes, so players can continue to progress without losing their achievements.
Reborn Essence, a new concept.

Over the past few years, this particular version of the game has had two variations. Firstly, there is the retail version which, despite offering long-term server and game updates, is heavily criticized for being pay-to-win. Players are forced to spend a large amount of money to progress or participate in main events. Secondly, there are the private servers, which have twisted the game by adding countless custom features and game modes. This has led to a hybrid gameplay experience that is far from the original essence of the game. These private servers also have pay-to-win elements, though they are more sophisticatedly implemented.

Our server concept aims to offer players the best of both worlds. We provide stability, long-term updates, and the absence of pay-to-win elements like the retail version, while cherry-picking popular quality-of-life features from private servers without completely changing the essence of the game. Our vision is clear: to offer players a place to enjoy the game for years without worrying about pay-to-win, server wipes, or special deals with clan leaders that can disadvantage other players.

Without vote reward or vip x0,8
Adena x1
Without vote reward or vip x0,8
Drop x1
Without vote reward or vip x0,8
Additional Features and changes
  • Improved autohunt system
  • Additional shortcut bars
  • Monster drops and information on target window
  • Built in DKP system for clans
  • L coins as rewards by completing missions
  • Auto heal CP with HP potions
  • Clan Wars classic system
  • Decreased L coins cost for teleports, share location, resurrection.

  Resurrection returns 100% exp

  Mass Resurrection returns 100% exp

  Shadow Veil additional blows proc has been decreased

  Light Veil MP drain effect has been decreased

  Lightning Tornado proc rate has been decreased and reuse time increased

  Soul Strike additional hit proc rate has been decreased


  • Max clans in alliance 3
  • Members per clan 40
  • Clan War classic system
  • World Trade has been disabled
  • Items in L coins Store, Random Craft and Special Craft are Sealed
  • L coins are not tradeable in any way (except the ones that might drop from bosses).
  • Weekly events
L Coins
How to get L coins

In Reborn the only way to get L coins is by completing missions, you cannot donate or trade L coins in any way, the only exception are the L coins that can drop from certain bosses. Depending on your level you will be able to complete certain missions, (daily and weekly). While in the first levels of the characters you can get around 2,000 L coins per day, once you reach higher levels you will be able to earn up to 6,000 L coins per day.

It might sound an small amount, but it is defenitely not, the game is not designed to earn high amount of coins, L coins in Essence are a very limited resource that you need to spend wisely in order to progress faster.

Voice Commands
.aoeoff / .aoeon
turns on and off the aoe skills animations for better performance during pvps
.ssoff / .sson
turns on and off the shots animations for better performance during pvps
.enablefastload / .disablefastload
turns on and off faster load of characters around you but decreases performance