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A very important moment is about to arrive to Reborn Project, this incoming year on 31st October 2022 Reborn Project will be 3 years old, and our 3 years lifespan (server alive guarantee) will end. Since we have such a large community and server is pretty alive with thousands of players everyday we will obviously increase server lifespan

As we usually do at the end of the year, we would like to share with you our analysis about Reborn, what have been done up to now, and which will be the future of our community. Please, we kindly ask you to take a momen to read through all of it, and do not hesitate to ask us for clarifications and as many questions as you may have.

As you already know, some weeks ago we made an ingame survey where you could send us messages with feedback about your ideas, suggestions and expectations about our server.

Based in our data analysis of your feedback we have taken several decisions and we are excited to share them with you.

For now, lets recap what have been done and achieved up to now and a bit of history as well:

– We managed to become one of the largest overall L2 communities, having the most active and populated Discord as well as one of the most active and populated server. This was possible thanks to you, who decided to join us and be part of this and also bring and help other people to come here. Becoming a reference as low rate “vanilla” server is what makes us proud and give us the strength to continue with this journey. This achievement is also my favourite one because is not done just by staff, it was mostly done by thousands of users that actively participate in game and Discord.

– We also managed (with all the internal and external difficulties) to keep this running for over 2 years while constantly fixing and improving it until reaching almost a perfect stage. It was a hard duty, since L2 private servers community does not like new competitors and they do everything possible to avoid new servers to rise, you perfectly know what we are talking about since we were victims of DDos, blackmailing and fake propaganda many times

– During this year, mostly from January to May, we reached huge numbers, many players came to reborn and we broke all records during those months in comparison with the year before. From May to August we experienced a slowly but constant decrease in numbers and meanwhile we dedicated all our efforts to develop the new Client that fixed all the most problematic issues in our server (low FPS during mass battles, mass critical errors during sieges and epics…) and we also took time to fix a long list of minor (but annoying) bugs, as well as rebranding our logo, releasing a new website, and a new updater among many other things… During August we experienced again an increase in our player base, with a lot of players coming from Russia and Ukraine.

– In October we released the new client and website, reaching our max concurrent online players record ever. Since then, we have been experiencing again a slowly decrease of players, which we believe is something normal in the lifecycle of any L2 server.

Since Reborn has been launched, a total of 106.000 accounts has been created and an average of 1.8k peak online and average 5k daily unique players have been playing here for more than 2 years.

Due to the server longevity, some issues are appearing and getting worse:

– Prices of materials, Ancient Adena, Life Stones, and some other resources are increasing because of the inflation (more players in end game than in early and mid, and also our rates x1.5 Adena but x1 drop/spoil/seal stones). At some point, market prices will have no sense at all.

– Player base is limited, almost every L2 player knows about Reborn or have played in Reborn over the past 2+ years. It’s complicated to reach new players since everyone already have been here or know about us but feels that “it’s too late to start”, and in the other hand, some of our players already completed all game content and are getting bored, eager for something new.

– Some mechanics such as FOI are starting to be a problem, Interlude was 7 months in official server, but here has been live for already 27 months, and some classes like OL are not thought to be stacked at level 80, and having FOI chaining effect doing late game PvP is weird and boring. The same happens with some classes that are extremely over-geared and are starting to be an issue.

And this brings us to the present.

Many players are asking us to take action, ex players are asking us for something new as well and people that “missed the opportunity to start here” ask for another chance.

Reborn Project 2022 Roadmap:

All of this, together with our commitment to keep this server running for as long as possible, lead us to take several measures, decisions and actions, which are designed to cause the following effects:

– Heavily increase our player base (between x2 and x3 current population, yes realistic).
– Fix market prices, demand and offer situation.
– Guarantee Reborn to be active and populated for the next years.
– Compensate and remove the negative effect of past old critical bugs that had an impact in the game.
– Give a chance (the last, the one and only) to every L2 player to be part of this community and enjoy our server for many years.
– Open our community to a broad player range, from other kinds and with different tastes to increase its size and allow them to enjoy our vision in a completely different context.

Roadmap Summary:

– January 14th: Launch Reborn Seasonal PvP [x30] interlude craft server: As requested by many players who loved our concept but due lack of time/dedication were looking for faster progression alternatives, we will launch this server with 2 seasons per year (6 months each). This is designed for a big and well know target, mid rate players that like this kind of servers and will have now a Reborn-like alternative about how a mid-rate server can be without P2W donations, bots, sponsored clans/cps.. and so on. Since its a completely different kind of server for a completely different target of players, this will not affect Reborn low rate at any level. 2 new staff members will be added to our team in order to attend this server. It will also speed up development, fixes and improvements since the server will use same base files and technology and it will allow us to test and collect a lot of data related to game things (debuffs formulas, monsters IA, spot new bugs… many things).

– February 4th: Launch Reborn Enhanced [3x exp/sp and x2 adena/drop/spoil] retail server (to be merged). The last ticket to get into Reborn boat for the next years. This is a common strategy/mechanic that we will use to boost Reborn main x1. A 6 months x3 rates “catch up” server where everyone can have a fresh start in Reborn and the opportunity to build new big clans, alliances and sides. A full multilingual (English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese) server, with a huge advertisement campaign to all regions and communities to reach every single player that may be interested on it. **Another 2 additional staff members will be added to our team, developers for client and core**.

– August 5th: Merge Reborn x3 and Reborn x1 and decrease rates from Reborn from x1.5 to x1 to fix Adena inflation and to make it last longer (x0,8 no vip, x1 vip). A simple merge, where players from x1 server will have no changes (will keep all items, clan halls, castles…) and players from x3 will hold everything except castles and heros (they will loose their castles and heros), but they will be able to keep their Clan Hall. We will dupe all existing clan halls (instanced) and they will work exactly the same way.

– October 31st: 3rd year anniversary and the end of the 3 years Reborn guarantee (no wipes, no upgrades, and so). Two years ago we made started this project with the promise of “no wipes”, and we are very happy and couldn’t be more proud of honouring our word and of what we’ve achieved together, and we have no intentions on changing. We also promised that we would do “everything possible to keep this running for as long as possible” and for this reason we believe the best we can do at this stage is Upgrade server to chronicle: CT1.5 “Hellbound”.

We know this is a lot of new information to process, a lot of changes (scary ones), but we have 27 months of data, opinions, conversations, experience, and in deep analysis that brought us the confidence to decide that this is the best way to continue our project. Our loyal community of players made clear that they want to continue playing and progressing in the server they love and we believe this is the path that we need to follow to keep extending its lifetime for many years.

How will be things after the upgrade?

Server will be eventually upgraded up to H5 going through (Hellbound, Gracia Part 1, Gracia Part2, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, Freya and finally H5, that is split into 5 parts). The upgrades will be done slowly, but surely, each 8-12 months depending on how big it is, it will mainly depend on server current stage and players progression, usually 8-9 months, but it could be more if we consider it is necessary.

As addition, we are extending Reborn Lifespan Guarantee from 3 years to 8 This means that from now server is guaranteed till 31 October 2027. But having in mind that with all the incoming content it will probably last much more…

Will Reborn open more merge servers or high rate servers in future?

We will keep our x1 main server and the x30 being relaunched every 6-month seasson, there are no plans for additional servers with theese 2 we think that we already offer all we can to all kind of player. About another x3 merge server, the answer is “depends”, there is 1 possibility that we do another before Gracia Final upgrade (2025), if we feel like server is not populated enough to boost it before upgrade as we are going to do now. No other merge is possible before or after that.

Is this information accurate or can be trusted?

As always, we are being as transparent and honest as we can, sharing with you every single detail in our plans with all the information (and for any doubts we can continue the conversation in Discord general chat). This is what we can offer, what we can do, and what we are going to stick from now. In the same way we promised 3 years of Interlude with certain rules and we have honoured our promises and words, we will continue working in the same way, nothing will change.

An special note for those who never played any chronicle after Interlude:

You had enjoyed C6 (from our point of view the most complete and best old school chronicle) for 3 years. Let us show you how amazing it can be the newer ones when they are managed by us, without adding cash shops or any additional garbage to the game, just few additional levels skills and items every year so that you never run out of content and get bored.

Additional notes:

– Needless to say that server will remain x1, no dualbox, no bot, no P2W, no RMT and NO WIPE for ever as it has been till now.
– Both servers will get the same updates and fixes at the same time (this mainly include mob stacking/positioning fix, FOG monsters IA duplication fix and PI exp table/droplist fix).
– You can find CT1 “The Kamael” patchnotes here:
– You can find CT1.5 “Hellbound” patchnotes here:
– For more information you can join our Discord: